Want an affordable way to own
your dream vehicle?

Cartel is a platform allowing car enthusiasts to own luxury cars and sports cars through a fractional ownership
model. It’s a new way to own the car you’ve been dreaming of sooner, at a significantly reduced cost.

How does CARTEL work?

Register your interest, select a model that you are wanting to syndicate and pay a $99 holding fee for your spot in the order queue.

Once we have 4 interested parties in a model we will begin the vehicle sourcing, finalise each syndicate parties application, setup insurance and finance.

Take delivery of your car! Our team will facilitate a familiarisation and training session with you and your other co-owners. Then you’re out on the road!

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*Vehicle RRP’s and estimated monthly costs are approximate and will depend on vehicle availability and specifications at the time of purchase
as well as variable individual costs such as insurance and finance costs which will differ from person to person.

The new way to own a supercar

Why CARTEL will work for you

Cartel is a platform allowing car enthusiasts to co-own unique motor cars. It’s a new way to own the car you’ve dreamed of a fraction of the cost of purchasing yourself. Whether it’s a convertible super car or a Sunday cruiser your ideal vehicle syndication is going to start right here for you. Fractional ownership makes owning your dream car a reality. You’ll experience all the excitement and benefits with absolutely none of the ongoing responsibility of maintaining a luxury sports car.

And whether you’re a time-poor executive, young professional, business owner, empty nester or millennial, we have a proven process to get you out on the road – and help you drive your dream car.

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