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CARTEL: A cooperative agreement between independent parties who collude for the mutual benefit of the group

Cartel is a platform allowing car enthusiasts to hold equity in a car and share it with up to 3 other owners. The equity is yours and you are free to trade it in and out of the market as you see fit at a price you set. The platform allows owners to enjoy sales, delivery, maintenance, upkeep and secure storage, but more than anything it allows owners to drive their dream cars at a fraction of the cost of outright ownership.

With all good car ownership stories, the Cartel one comes from some of the most amazing automotive minds. Having had experience launching and managing one of the first vehicle subscription companies, being involved in car share and other platforms our team has developed from the ground up technology, operating processes, telematics and integrated driver behaviour measures to now enable the first fractional ownership offering in Australia.

what we do

The road to your CARTEL syndication


Cartel carries out a detailed check of the financial records and driving history of each potential owner to ensure they are the ideal co-owner


Cartel protects your asset not only through secure storage but also a strict inspection each time the vehicle is checked in and out of our facility


Choose a vehicle from the cartel’s carefully curated fleet or let us know if there is another make and model you’re interested in owning


Cartel is not a subscription service or a car club. You are purchasing and using a real asset which is protected by our platform


Select your booking dates, view driver reports and view invoices on our driver portal available on desktop and mobile


Cartel’s back end telematics and technology are an evolution of existing systems developed by our founders for a vehicle subscription business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Syndication is a popular joint-ownership structure for many leisure products - expect cars. At CARTEL, we've designed a structure to ensure you have a cost-effective, safe and reliable way to access your dream vehicle.

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*Vehicle RRP’s and estimated monthly costs are approximate and will depend on vehicle availability and specifications at the time of purchase as well as variable individual costs such as insurance and finance costs which will differ from person to person.