Frequently Asked Questions 

Cartel selects cars that have the best profile to defend the capital investment, maintain sensible running costs and give you the most fun to own. But more than anything the ideal Cartel Car is the one you never thought you could own. The expense of buying it outright would have never made sense financially but now thanks to Cartel, the cost of the car and the significantly reduced cost of ownership means you can get into your dream car today.
This is not a subscription service, car club or lease where the car could be thrashed by anyone and you walk away with nothing at the end. Cartel is real ownership of your asset with up to 3 other carefully selected owners through syndication.
Yes, you will meet the other owners at the handover session conducted by our staff when we introduce you to your new car and run you through the features.
Absolutely, if you have 3 other friends or colleagues you specifically want to share a particular make and model of car with, please get in contact.
Yes! If you are keen to spend more time in the car you can buy half or three quarters of a share in the car. More ownership also gets you more time in the car. Normally the car would be returned to Cartel HQ for 2 days between weekly bookings but if you own more than 25% and have consecutive bookings you would be able to keep the car for these additional days..
Yes, Part ownership can be put through a business but that doesn’t mean it’s free for any employee to drive. The insurance policy must list all drivers. There would also be some potential cost benefits in running it through a business which means the ownership is even cheaper again.
Unfortunately no, Cartel is syndicating new or near new cars with full warranty coverage. But that won't stop you selling your car and getting into a new one through Cartel.
Car specifications will be dependant on what is available in country if the Syndicate is keen to get into the car sooner rather than later. Alternatively, if everyone is prepared to wait for a specific build then the car specifications could be selected provided all owners are agreeable on the final specification.
Bookings will be made through your user portal on the Cartel website which is available on desktop and mobile
Each owner has 3 weekdays and one weekend per month which is preferably used in a straight block of 5 days in a row. The un-used 2 days per week are top allow cartel to maintain your asset between bookings
Public holidays are treated as weekdays on the booking system. First in best dressed for these days. There are however no collections or returns to Cartel on public holidays.
This can be arranged on a case by case basis for a fee of $99..
Each potential Cartel owner is financially assessed before being allowed to purchase part of a car on our platform. We carefully curate owners to ensure they don’t have issues with non-payment in their credit history. Cartel will also collect a refundable security bond off each owner. In the unlikely event that an owner doesn’t meet their ongoing financial obligations the bond can be used to cover several months or payments until the money is recovered OR a new owner is found to take over the equity of the car.
There is no requirement to finance the vehicle however each owner will still be required to go through the full sign up process which includes a credit check. This makes sure each owner is financially fit to cover their ongoing payment obligations outside of the vehicle finance.
Cartel cars are new or near new so are covered under manufacturers warranty. If the car suffers a mechanical failure that is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty then each failure will be individually assessed against the tracking data to see if the failure is bad luck, a result of the collective wear and tear of all owners or because of the miss use of an individual. In the event that the fault is deemed the misuse of one owner then they will be liable for the repair, however this is highly unlikely and we will leverage our buying power and dealer influence to repair everything under manufacturers warranty.
Certain manufacturer recalls allow the car to be safely driven until replacement parts are available and ready to be installed. In the rare event of a safety recall where the car can not be driven until the car has been repaired, Cartel will endeavour to source a loan car from the selling/servicing dealer.
Each vehicle is covered by a single insurance policy. The policy pricing will be calculated based on the usual inputs of driving record, age, claim history across each individual driver. So each driver on the policy will most likely not be priced exactly the same. The policy cost will however be approximately one quarter of what it would normally cost you to insure the whole vehicle. Despite the shared cost of the insurance the car will be covered in the event of a total loss. Any claims made under insurance will be attributed to the individual who is driving at the time of the damage and will not affect the driving record of the other owners.
If they are not the at fault driver then they are entitled to a replacement hire car while the damaged car is being repaired. Cartel will source a luxury vehicle to use while the car is being repaired. In the event that the owner is at fault then Cartel will do anything in their power to expedite the repair to be completed in reasonable time.
Each time the car is checked in and out of the cartel facility it will go through a strict check over to make sure everything is in as new condition. Any minor damage sustained during a booking is the responsibility of the driver and will be paid for provided the damage doesn’t warrant in insurance claim. Any minor repairs will be organised by Cartel staff with our trusted repair partners.
Each time the car is checked in and out of the cartel facility it will go through a strict check over to make sure everything is in as new condition. Any minor damage sustained during a booking is the responsibility of the driver and will be paid for provided the damage doesn’t warrant in insurance claim. Any minor repairs will be organised by Cartel staff with our trusted repair partners.
The balance of the financed amount will be paid off with the insurance payout and the syndicate on that particular car will be completed. A new syndicate with a new car can then be started provided all owners want to go again.
The car will always have it’s GPS location tracked as well as a range of vehicle data that will allow Cartel and the other owners to determine how and where the car has been driven. At the end of each booking a report will be circulated amongst the other owners as a means to keeping each other honest and to ensure you are abiding by the Cartel code of conduct.
The car will be serviced according to the manufacturer guidelines and it will be serviced by the selling dealer or an experienced local specialist. Consumables like tyres and brake pads will be assessed frequently and replaced when required if this needs to be done at times other than the service interval.
The founders of Cartel have operated vehicle subscription, car share and other platforms and has an end to end technology platform that integrates driver behaviour, remote vehicle diagnostics and even driver scheduling. Having been immersed in the emergence of fractional ownership our team will manage expenses based upon driver behaviour and overall usage quickly and easily.
Cartel will have a marketplace where shares in cars with ongoing agreements can be bought and sold.
Usage will be agreed between the Syndicate, We suggest 5,000km per driver per year.
The cars currently cannot be used for track events. We are investigating insurance coverage for track events in future
Cars can be purchased at the end of the term by one of the shareholders if they really want to keep it and a fair price is agreed between the group. Otherwise the car will be sold on or an alternative suitable disposal channel.
The car will be valued by three independent bodies to gauge valuation, aim is to achieve over or close to this amount.
At 30 months Cartel will begin the re-marketing strategy on behalf of each syndicate. This then allows us to sell the car within the warranty period and before the finance balloon payment is due.
Any profit made at the sale of the vehicle will be split evenly amongst the 4 owners
Cartel will set a conservative threshold on the depreciated amount so this scenario should never arise however, any loss made at the sale of the vehicle will be split evenly amongst the owners. Your security bond can be used to cover this if requested.
The single monthly payment combines the vehicle finance, Insurance, Maintenance and Storage & Cleaning as well as the Cartel management platform.
No, the car needs to be checked by Cartel between each booking to ensure we can carry out our usual checks for damage etc. and so that we can also arrange maintenance and other tasks
Not initially but we will be in the near future.
Cartel will be launched in Sydney first and then move to other major cities following that.
Yes we are planning on offering a Cartel Concierge service which will drop off and/or collect the car for your bookings. This will be priced according to distance from the cartel facility on a case by case basis

*Vehicle RRP’s and estimated monthly costs are approximate and will depend on vehicle availability and specifications at the time of purchase as well as variable individual costs such as insurance and finance costs which will differ from person to person.